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Talking Points

Zest for Success: 3 Ways Passion Drives Business Growth

Ask any successful entrepreneur about their secret to building their empires and you’ll most likely get a common denominator — passion. They say that those who exhibit enthusiasm have a far better shot at establishing their businesses and overcoming troubles along the way. But the question is, how exactly? Here are the ways passion pushes businesses […]

Focal Point

Make Your Restaurant More Efficient

a cafe owner standing at the counter

Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks of any leader but also one of the most important in a restaurant manager. You know that people are your company’s biggest asset. You need to take care of them and keep them motivated. In a restaurant like OverEasy, you need to make sure that everyone […]

Fit Club

Guide to Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

In a work environment full of employees from different generations, there is no “one size fits all” type of management. For years, the never-ending discussion on handling a multigenerational workforce has challenged the media, social scientists, and organizations. Experts at Horizon Health explain that each group has varied strengths, limitations, and needs that a company must consider […]