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Stop Letting Your Teeth Grinding Grind You Down

People grind their teeth sometimes, without experiencing any problems or symptoms. However, regular and persistent teeth grinding could lead to discomfort and jaw pain, which in turn could wear your teeth down. It could likewise result in earaches and headaches. In the UK alone, teeth grinding impacts...

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Infobites: What You Should Know About General Dentists

A visit to the dentist is always a nerve-wracking experience, that most of us would rather suffer from a toothache than visit one. What many fail to understand what goes on during each of the services a dentist offers a patient. The General Dentistry Services Most dentists in Sioux Falls area provide...

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Give Your Parents the Best 50th Anniversary Gift

Are your parents celebrating the fiftieth year of their marriage? Not many married couple these days make it to fifty years these days. Since this anniversary is extra special, it’s a good idea to come up with a gift that they’ll never forget. If you have siblings, you can share your resources and...

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To Each Her Own: Contouring for Different Face Shapes

Women with Contouring Makeup

Back in the day, we all did the same thing: cake on foundation, run black liner around the eyes and roll on some lipstick, so people do not think you are dead. The times have changed, thankfully, and nothing is more ‘in’ than contouring. Ever since Kim Kardashian posted her contouring selfie –...

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Crooked Teeth: Why You Need to Talk to Your Dentist Now

More people are starting to realise the benefits of correcting their crooked or misaligned teeth. The extensive benefits include improved confidence and better blood circulation. Now more adults are visiting their dentists to help keep their overall health. Disadvantages and risks associated with crooked...

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The Only Reason You Need to Replace That Missing Tooth

In the U.S., gum disease takes the lead for causing the greatest number of tooth loss cases. There are many other factors that increase one’s risk of losing a tooth, including age, gender, poor oral hygiene and health, as well as smoking. Knowing the causes of tooth loss can help you prevent it...

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The term ‘braces’ has always implied ‘metal mouth for at least two years’. Clear braces such as Six Month Smiles are doing away with this out-dated image. The focus of braces treatment is to give adult patients great looking smiles by straightening their crooked teeth. Since Six Month Smiles...

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Understanding Drug-induced Teeth Stains and How to Treat Them

A Patient with Dirty Brown Teeth

From DIY home kits, Crest White Strips, to dental procedures, teeth whitening has become a burgeoning cosmetic market. Yellow teeth are a common oral dilemma of our time, and it demonstrates how different our lifestyle and diet has evolved. Medication is one of the leading causes of tooth discolouration....

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Time for a new smile

According to the Oral Health Foundation, 80% of us are more likely to talk to somebody we don’t know if they smile at us. Did you know that we also rate good teeth and smiles as the most important body feature in a potential partner? This is even over body shape, height, hair, face and eyes. Dental...

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Fighting Heroin Addiction With Ibogaine

Ibogaine is an active alkaloid extracted from an African Shrub named Tabernanthe iboga. It has psychoactive properties which can help break heroin dependence in addicts. Some also use it to treat addictions to alcohol, smoking, and other opiates. For many, using Ibogaine for drug or heroin addiction...