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4 Reasons Why Physicians Should Invest in Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software has taken huge strides since its infancy. It is no wonder why more health care facilities are investing in a speech recognition program that addresses a medical practitioner’s dictation needs. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, the adoption...

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3 Things to Do on a Ski Vacation (Besides Skiing)

One of the most popular winter activities for the adventurous is skiing. This offers scenic views and fresh mountain air, in addition to an adrenaline rush as you ski past the pine trees down the snowy peaks. Excess snowing and other extreme weather conditions, however, might lead to the closure of...

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Dental Insurance Plan: 3 Facts That Can Affect Your Policy Purchase

Dental Insurance Form

Are you thinking of getting a dental insurance plan? Before you start paying your premiums, you need to make sure it is worth every penny. To help you decide, here are three facts that matter: 1. 100: 80: 50 Ratios Although it is not a clear-cut policy, many insurance experts believe that a dental plan...

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The Importance of Protective Gear and Clothing

Protective gear and clothing are there to keep your body safe from exposure to hazardous chemicals, nuclear wastes, and other harmful materials. There are several types of protective clothing; you should use appropriate protective clothing to suit the environment you are working in as a safety precaution. Since...

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A Healthy Mind and Body: Yoga—Why Do It?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline, which nurtures the person’s health and well-being, including their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional state. It aims to unify the multidimensional aspects of the body by following a series of yoga postures (asana) to attain the higher state of being. Since it...

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A Healthier Life Through Yoga

Woman Practising Yoga Pose

Going on a yoga retreat is a great way to get much-needed meditation and relaxation. Stress is part of daily life, but it can be harmful if not addressed immediately. Sometimes, you just need a little time away from it all to relax, unwind, and come back feeling better. Here are some of the benefits...

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Debunking False and Frightening Botox Myths

Botox Treatment

Botox has gotten quite a bad reputation these days, but that shouldn’t be the case. Like any other medical procedure, Botox injections do have their positive uses. Here are some myths that you need to debunk with facts. Botox Hurts a Lot – Untrue, as Botox is administered in small doses and...

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Your Weight Loss Journey: Facts You Need to Know

Woman in Sportswear Measuring Her Waist

Anyone who wants to be physically fit and healthy may aim to lose weight for various reasons. To make your weight-loss plan succeed, it pays to know some facts about shedding some pounds. Sleep can help you lose weight According to research, lack of sleep triggers a hormonal imbalance. The hormone that...

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Benefits of Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

Crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth can negatively affect one’s oral health and self-confidence, but who wants to wear unattractive metal braces for two years or longer? There is a better alternative. Thanks to modern advancements in dentistry and teeth straightening technology, straight teeth are now...

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Braces for Adults: A Comprehensive Guide to Discreet Teeth Straightening

Many adults and teenagers who have never had braces feel like they are too old for teeth straightening treatment, or are unwilling to commit to two or more years of wearing unattractive metal braces. However, dentistry has advanced significantly over the years, meaning that adults have a number of discreet,...