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Choosing the Best Drug Addiction Recovery Program


Before making the decision to seek help for drug addiction, you need to do a bit of research on choosing the best drug addiction recovery program available. These programs vary in their structure and performance, however, a recovery program that suits your personal, emotional, spiritual, and physical...

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The Importance of X-rays in Dental Health

Dental Xray

Ever wondered why your dentist uses an x-ray for teeth cleaning, or a dental emergency? X-rays are also known as radiographs and are an important part of dental care. Harley Dentistry reiterates the dentists’ commitment to providing you with the best dental care through efficient and precise diagnosis. This...

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Proper Oral Hygiene: The Key to a Healthy Mouth


Proper oral hygiene is the only way to prevent the development of dental caries or tooth decay. While it may sound easy, it is not in reality. Perhaps that is why dental caries is still the leading chronic disease among children and adults up to date, according to the National Institute of Dental and...

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With Oral Sedation, You No Longer Have to Fear the Dentist


Are you afraid of dental procedures? Does the thought of entering a dental clinic make you feel anxious? If yes, you are not alone. Many people fear to go to the dentist to the extent that they’d rather endure a toothache. Dental phobia is too prevalent in this country. Many dentists utilize sedation...

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Pacifiers: A Cause of Dental Problems in Children?

Dental Problems Caused by Pacifiers

Pacifiers can soothe fussy babies who need something to suckle on for comfort. Pacifiers have many benefits, and it is up to the parent to choose whether their child should use one. Pacifiers during a child’s early years usually have few repercussions. However, too much of a good thing can also be...

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A Loverlier You: On Plastic Surgery


“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.” This is a popular saying that encourages women to pursue innovative techniques to improve their appearance. Your physical features have a huge impact on your daily interactions with other people. Since a beautiful...

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When In Doubt, Freeze Off Your Fat


When trying to shed off pounds, people are often told to ‘sweat it.’ Common knowledge puts it that the more you sweat, the more fat you lose. It makes sense, right? To ‘melt’ fat away, you have to heat it up. Well, not really. And there’s ample evidence to back it up. Enter the process of...

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The Real Question: Are Dental Implants Worth It?


Think of losing a tooth as the ultimate consequence to not taking care of one’s teeth. It is pretty bad, but far too many people lose their teeth for no good reason. The best they can do is to prevent losing another tooth, or things will only go downhill from there. Many people succeed in doing so,...

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Grills: The Trendy Dental Accessory with Dangerous Side Effects


Grills became popular in the late ‘80s. Now, they are making a comeback in the fashion scene. Recently, Rita Ora wore a silver grill while she was in France, while Katy Perry wore a giant grill that spelled out “roar” at the 2013 VMAs. Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Rihanna have also been photographed...

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3 Ways Self-Confidence Improves Your Social Appeal and Productivity


Self-confidence is a delicate and complex subject matter. Your confidence is a source of power as much as it’s a trait, but one you can’t fully control and unique only to you. To some, it’s a natural gift. To most of us, it’s a beautiful product of self-development. Achieving self-confidence...