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Why You Should Take Cancer Screening Even if You Look and Feel Healthy

Health Professional in SingaporeCancer is life threatening, but preventable if detected early. This abnormal growth of the cells is difficult to identify because some do not display any health symptom at all. You will be surprised one day that your body has developed health complications, which might cause you to collapse eventually due to its severity. This is where cancer screening can help.

Cancer screening involves tests that diagnose irregularities in the body before they get worse. Early detection means that it is not yet late to receive treatment and you can avoid complications that might lead to permanent damage to the body or worse, death. and other health professionals in Singapore added that screenings help increase your chances of survival.

Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Screenings

The fear of having cancer is among the reasons people skip health screenings. What if the cancer is already in your body and is developing? Prolonging screenings will only put you at higher risk and cost you more. You might as well book an appointment with your doctor to confirm if you have cancer (or precancerous growths) and to find the treatment for it.

Who Should Undergo Cancer Screening

It is best to undergo annual screenings if you have a family history of any type of cancer — breast, cervical, colon, lung or prostate. When you reach a certain age, you are more prone to diseases. Check with your doctor what tests are available to you and when you should have them.

For instance, if you are over 30 and had a negative result in your regular screening and HPV test, then you do not need to undergo cervical cancer screening for the next five years. If the results are abnormal, then you might need to take further diagnostic tests to confirm that you have developed cancer.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, but you can do something to prevent it. All you need is to detect it properly before it becomes worse.

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