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Why is Your Honey Spoiling?

Tips on how to store your honeyHoney can last for thousands of years. In fact, you can already say it does not spoil. Archaeologists once found honey pots that dated back to 3,000 years ago – and they were still safe for consumption.

But certain factors can change its composition, smell, and taste and even lead to spoilage.

Why Honey Goes Bad

There are many reasons for the spoilage of honey. explains that one of the most common reasons is adulteration. Manufacturers or distributors add other types of sweeteners and ingredients, such as molasses, flour, dextrose, or corn syrup. Real or organic honey, on the other hand, is expensive to import or produce.

Spoilage, however, is not the only problem with adulteration. It can also be harmful to the body in the long-term. For one, it can increase the sugar content of the product. It, therefore, increases the risks of diabetes.

Real honey, such as the Manuka honey, has a low glycaemic index than table sugar or certain types of fruit, such as watermelon.

Factors Affecting the Quality of Honey

Some factors that can affect the quality of the honey include the spores known as C. botulinum. These toxic spores can find their way into the product even during the production process of the bees. In small amounts, they do not cause problems for adults. They are, however, dangerous to children and infants. That said, doctors do not advise parents to give honey to the young ones.

Honey can also spoil when you do not store it properly. For example, it may not have a proper seal. This can allow water to seep in, causing the moisture level of the honey to increase. It makes the liquid more prone to fermentation.

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The good news is when you buy authentic honey and store it properly, you can avoid these types of problems. Honey contains less than 20% water and whatever moisture is there, it is very low. Moreover, bees produce enzymes and acids that can prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms.

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