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What to Include in Your Veterinary Sympathy Card Messages

Strong healthy dog running on the fieldsIf you have ever lost a dear pet before or been a member of a support group that consoles owners who lost their pets, you will appreciate how comforting it is to receive veterinary sympathy card messages. That is because your message can be powerful enough to reduce the pain a pet owner is suffering from.

But what should you write or include in your veterinary sympathy card messages? Here are some suggestions:

The Name of the Pet

If you would ask your friends and clients, they will tell you that you should refer to their pets in names instead of in saying “your dog” or “your cat”. That is also the case whenever you are referring to their deceased pet in a sympathy card.

Particular Memories

You certainly have fond memories of your client’s pet that never leave your mind. Mention that in the sympathy card that you are sending out. Doing so will help pet owners go through the healing journey successfully, knowing that they are not alone in it.

Photos of Their Pet

Including pictures of your client’s deceased pet adds a personal touch to the sympathy card. You cannot do the same in a premade card. Perhaps you have photos in your archives or patient records. With a little creativity, you can come up with a personalized sympathy card that the receiver will surely appreciate.

Some pets outlive their owners, but when people lose a pet so dear to them, it can be as painful as losing a family member. Therefore, whenever you are creating veterinary sympathy card messages to console a client that has lost a pet, do it to express your condolences in the most heartfelt manner. Your words of encouragement will go a long way in easing the pain and helping the pet owner cope with the situation.

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