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Ways to Spice Up the Boring Chicken for Health Buffs

Custom CulinaryHealth buffs across the globe face the same dilemma sooner or later: how to spice up the boring chicken breast? The kitchen staple is easy to store, easy to cook and there are thousands of recipes to use.

Unfortunately, Custom Culinary says, it is delicate to cook chicken because when it’s left on the oven or stove for a longer time, it becomes dry and hard. However, many chicken recipes can produce saucy and tender meals that your whole family will love.

There are lots of options on how to cook chicken the simple way as it goes well with a lot of different foods.

Easy Chicken Soup Recipe Ideas

When talking about chicken noodle soup, people will immediately think of the traditional one. However, there are several ways to create soups with chicken.

To spice up chicken soup recipes, using a base chicken will add flavor, spices and herbs to the dish.

Easy Pasta Recipes with Chicken

Chicken goes well with many recipes including pasta dishes. You can easily create chicken and pasta dishes with various flavors such as Italian, Thai, Vietnamese or American.

Grilled chicken breast strips go well with either Italian tomato-based sauce or pesto sauce.

Easy Baked or Oven-Roasted Chicken

Baked or oven-roasted chicken recipes are healthy and packed with amazing flavors. Aside from that, these recipes are very easy to do. To keep chicken recipes moist, you can add sauce and spices. Baked chicken is low in calories and bad cholesterol.

Staying healthy does not mean eating boring and tasteless food. The chicken breast is a go-to protein food packed with nutrients and protein. With the right recipes, ingredients and herbs, you can spice up your chicken dish while staying healthy.

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