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Understanding the Strong Eyebrow Trend

EyebrowCara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Emmy Rossum, Keira Knightley, Lucy Hale; the list goes on and on. These A-list ladies are known not only for their talent, but for their stunning looks as well, and they all have one thing in common: thick, defined, done-up eyebrows. Gone are the days of the thin, streamlined ones, which made way to a bolder look that seemed to take the beauty and fashion world by storm—and fill eyebrow studios one by one.

Eyebrows “On Fleek”

The rise of this defined brow trend can be linked to the expression, “eyebrows on fleek” –perfect, flawless, and on point. Among the celebrities which helped popularise this trend was Kim Kardashian. A photo of her bleached brows was uploaded onto her Instagram account, with the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek. Since Kim is largely considered a fashion icon, the done-up eyebrows she began eventually became a thing.

Letting the ‘Brows Talk

There’s one interesting bit about this trend, though. In the past (specifically the 80s), a certain niche of the fashion industry was all about masculinity. Ever remember those shoulder pads? Back then, pads were inserted into almost everything—blazers, pant suits, and even T-shirts to radiate a sense of masculinity. It was part of a trend called power dressing which aimed to put women “in the same stature” as men, exuding a sense of power or independence.

Now, what does this mean in terms of today’s done-up eyebrow trend? Largely the same thing. A quick look at model Cara Delevingne’s bold, defined brows provides an answer. Women with thicker eyebrows are generally perceived as forward-thinking, assertive people; qualities which are considered stereotypical to men. Again, there’s the masculinity trend at play. Women nowadays are largely considered equal to men in terms of social footing, and they want to make it apparent with the way they look.  

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There's a Right Brow for a Face Type

A single style of defined brows isn’t universal, though—there’s a right brow style for each face type. For square face shapes, going big and bold is ideal, best achieved by waxing or threading. Since face types like this give off a strong appearance, it’s best to make them complement the face instead of contrast its features. High-arching brows are recommended for those with round faces; flat brows are ideal for long faces, and oval-shaped faces are more flexible and can handle most brow styles. 

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