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Treating Autoimmune Disease: Be Aware of the Symptoms

Autoimmune DiseaseAccording to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), as many as 50 million Americans are suffering the effects of autoimmune disease. But what is this disorder?

Your immune system defends your body against disease, but there are cases in which it goes rogue, deciding that your healthy cells are also foreign. So your immune system begins attacking healthy cells too. This is called an autoimmune disease, and it may affect just one or many types of body tissue. Abnormal growth of some organs and a change in how they function are also signs of autoimmune disease. This is why it’s advisable to get autoimmune disease tests, says RedRiver Health and Wellness Center.

Here are some other symptoms that you should take seriously:

  1. Weight loss you can’t seem to control.
  2. You develop insomnia, and your heartbeat is higher than normal.
  3. You can’t tolerate heat and become sensitive to the sun.
  4. Rashes or hives keep reappearing. A butterfly-shaped rash forms on your nose and cheeks.
  5. You can’t focus or concentrate on anything.
  6. You can’t tolerate cold.
  7. You always feel tired or fatigued.
  8. Hair loss.
  9. White patches begin to appear inside your mouth or on your skin.
  10. You experience dryness in your mouth, on your skin or even your eyes.
  11. You experience abdominal pain.
  12. You have abdominal pain, there’s mucus or blood in your stool.
  13. Diarrhea.
  14. Mouth ulcers.
  15. Your feet or hands feel numb or have a tingling sensation.
  16. You have multiple miscarriages or blood clots.

A functional medicine physician may be able to help you narrow down the list of symptoms to find out the type of autoimmune disease you have. That’s why it’s important that you get tested immediately if you suspect that you have this disorder. The sooner your autoimmune disease is identified, the sooner you can receive the right treatment.

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