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These Situations may Cause Damage to Your Teeth

TeethThe teeth are amongst the most resilient and strongest parts of the human body. But while that may be the case, certain things and activities may still damage them. Aside from the common dental cavities, certain circumstances and conditions may also damage your teeth.

A Sports Injury or Accident

With the nature of their activities, athletes may have fractured teeth or lose a tooth during actual competition or while practising. These are quite common in contact sports such as football, martial arts, boxing, wrestling and even basketball.

An accident may also cause damage to the teeth. Falls may result in broken teeth, especially in older people. A hard object hitting your mouth will not only cause fractures, but may even knock out your tooth.

Biting Hard Foods

Biting hard foods may result in chipped or fractured teeth. Solid candies or certain kinds of nuts can cause damage. This may even get worse when the affected tooth has fillings or has undergone root canal treatment. This is why dentists warn against using the teeth for any activity not related to chewing food.

Bruxism or Teeth Clenching

A very common cause of teeth fractures and cracks is the medical condition called bruxism, or the unconscious grinding of teeth, which usually occurs while sleeping. The force exerted while grinding may be so great that it damages the teeth.  Some people may also continue clenching the teeth while awake.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Dentists in Hamilton say you should do your part to prevent teeth damage. Wear mouth guards while engaging in sports, refrain from eating hard foods and contact your medical specialist about bruxism.

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Get suggestions or tips from your dentist to properly take care of your teeth. And if your teeth get damaged, see your dentist for immediate treatment.

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