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The Truth Behind the Most Common Botox Myths

woman getting a botox injectionImagine that you’ve noticed your blemishes for a while, and you wish that you could ignore them. Wrinkles have started to show up on your face, and they’ve been growing in number. While you’ve considered Botox treatment, you are put off by what you hear about it. However, these “truths” may be just myths that you can choose to ignore.

Botox Is Toxic

The most common misconception that people have about Botox is that injecting it into your body will have detrimental effects someday. However, if your surgeon applies it correctly, there is very little chance of adverse effects. After all, Botox has been certified safe to be utilized in various medical procedures, not just for cosmetic purposes. Just make sure that you find qualified practitioners before agreeing to a Botox procedure in Salt Lake City.

It Freezes My Face

Another common myth about Botox is that once injected, it leaves your face in an immobile, doll-like state. This numbness is the result of administering the drug too many times and in massive amounts. Just remember to look for professionals for your Botox treatment because they are experienced in these kinds of facial enhancements. If the Botox is applied correctly, you will get the results that you want along with your face’s natural movements.

Botox Is Painful

Since you will receive multiple injections, you might assume that the procedure can be painful. This is not true since the needle used for the process is so small that you will only feel slight stings, which can become painless upon utilizing anesthetic creams. Also, unlike most facial and surgical procedures, Botox treatments take a few minutes to complete with hardly any pain afterward.

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It is perfectly reasonable to have doubts about Botox, especially if this is your first time. However, as with all myths, they can quickly be dispelled with facts. Thus, do not doubt this marvel of science and get those wrinkles straightened out.

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