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The Truth About Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Drug AddictionOne of the growing problems across the globe today is the increasing cases of alcoholism and drug addiction. Many individuals do not understand why or how other people become addicted to alcohol and drugs. They would think that those who use drugs or drink too much alcohol become addicted because of the lack of moral principles and willpower. However, addiction is a complex disease and quitting may take a lot of effort, time and money.

What Is Addiction?

Alcoholism is the addiction to alcohol while drug addiction to illicit drugs. Addiction is described as a chronic disease characterized by drug use and seeking. It’s compulsive and hard to control. It may lead to various complications and it’s difficult to treat.

Signs and Symptoms

People who suffer from alcohol abuse do not always manifest the same symptoms. It’s an array of various signs and symptoms and they depend on a lot of factors like one’s medical history and background. Signs and symptoms include decreased involvement in activities, depression, lack of interest in other people even family members, preoccupation with drinking, restlessness, loss of interest in work or school, and sometimes, violent behavior. However, one of the most common symptoms is the inability to control drinking and the use of illicit drugs.

Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Patients suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction have a variety of choices for treatment. There are prescription drugs used to curb the craving and there are rehabilitation centers geared toward curbing the condition through various programs.

However, one of the most popular treatment options today is Ibogaine therapy. Ibogaine treatment centers in the USA help people who suffer from addiction through the use of the extract f from a shrub called Ibogaine. It has a lot of benefits including reduced cravings for drugs or alcohol and spiritual or emotional healing.

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The good news is, alcoholism and drug addiction are both preventable and treatable. No single factor can predict if a person will become addicted because it’s caused by a combination of genetic, developmental and environmental factors. The best way to curb it is through treatment options offered for the patients to recover and start a new life without craving for addictive substances.

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