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The Tourist’s Guide to Enjoying Bath

Tourist’s Guide in BathWith its rich history, gorgeous architecture and friendly locals, Bath is one of the most remarkable tourist spots in England. It is perfect for everything, from family outings to romantic getaways. The city has many great sights to see — which ones should you go to first?

Whilst it is important to tailor your trip according to your tastes, a number of “must-see” spots are definitely worth your time. If you are visiting Bath anytime soon, make sure to add these to your checklist of things to do:

1. Take a dip in the Thermae Bath Spa – Perhaps Bath’s most iconic location, the Thermae spa boasts of naturally warm and mineral rich waters. Soak in this historic spa, as you gaze upon the magnificent views of the city. Most boutique bed & breakfasts in Bath, such as Bailbrook Lodge, are just a stone’s throw away. Some even offer special deals for guests.

2. Walk along the Royal Crescent – One of the finest examples of Georgian architecture, the Royal Crescent terrace can astound you. The houses located along it are hundreds of years old, but remain exceptionally well maintained. Afterwards, you can visit the No. 1 townhouse for an even deeper look at the city’s history.

3. Play tennis or golf in Victoria Park – The city is home to a few beautiful parks, and the Royal Victoria Park is arguably the most memorable. On any given day, you will find plenty of people playing tennis, mini-golf and other games on its lusciously green grass. If you simply want to go on a relaxing stroll, the park also has a stunning variety of flowers to see.

4. Visit the Bath Abbey – A truly stunning and massive church built six centuries ago, the Bath Abbey holds tours every day except Sunday. Pay close attention to the intricate details of the church’s architecture, or just listen to the choir during service.

These are just a handful of the many sights that Bath is famous for. If you truly want to experience what the city has to offer, give yourself plenty of time to just explore and have fun.

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