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The Relationship Between Bad Teeth and Heart Disease

Bad crooked teethYou cannot blame your grandparents for not believing what the younger generation now knows to be true: the health of your teeth and gums matters a lot in keeping your entire body healthy.

It was about only ten years ago when people began seeing the connection between oral health and overall body health. Now, there is renewed interest in dental hygiene and correcting flaws in teeth alignment, as issues there may have an adverse effect on the rest of the body. Do not be surprised if a physician, suspecting heart disease, diabetes, dementia or some other medical issue, sends the patient to a dentist.

How can oral hygiene affect overall health?

In your mouth live millions of bacteria. They feed on the food particles left between your teeth, on the tongue and the rest of the mouth. Bad dental hygiene results in these bacteria infecting your gums, causing inflammation, which you may not notice immediately until your dentist points it out.

The inflammation affects your teeth, gums and jawbone, causing periodontitis. But it does not stop there. Gentle Dental Care always reminds patients that the inflammation may also affect the rest of your body.

What happens when the inflammation spreads?

A variety of health problems may arise from the inflammation that began in your mouth. For example, your body’s control over blood sugar becomes compromised, which may put you at risk of developing diabetes. In fact, approximately 91 percent of heart disease patients also have periodontitis. This, along with other factors, such as smoking and an unhealthy diet, has led to strong suspicion that gum disease has a direct role in the development of heart disease.

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Taking care of your body is not limited to eating right and getting plenty of rest, hydrating and exercising. It likewise involves keeping your mouth clean. Poor teeth alignment gives you a greater chance of developing plaque and periodontitis, as misaligned teeth are more difficult to clean through regular brushing and flossing. This is why there is a higher interest today in clear braces and other dental appliances for teeth alignment.

Visit your dentist today and ask what you can do to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It just might save your life.

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