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The Lethal Effects of Cocaine on Health

cocaineIt is regrettable to note that there are nearly 16 million Americans who are using illegal drugs, with the lethal cocaine as one of the most widely used. And it can even be more unfortunate if one of these cocaine users is a loved one. Continued use of cocaine can have devastating effects not only on the psychological aspect, but also on the physical well-being of the user.

If your child, sibling, or spouse is in this harmful habit, he or she should enroll in a drug rehabilitation program in Salt Lake City to prevent the occurrence of these serious medical conditions:

Cardiovascular Problems. More hospital emergency cases occur because of cocaine use than any other drugs. Heart attack becomes possible due to the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. The constriction of the arteries poses grave danger to the supply of blood to the heart. So it is not uncommon for users to suffer the deadly stroke.

Respiratory Diseases. Used continuously, cocaine can cause permanent damage to the lungs resulting to life-threatening disorders. Snorting may lead to damage to the sinuses and the nose.

Kidney Troubles. A cocaine user may also experience a massive kidney failure due to the destruction of muscle tissues vital to kidney function. It also hastens kidney diseases on cocaine users who suffer from high blood pressure.

Sexual Problems. Notwithstanding its reputation as a sexual stimulant, cocaine can actually harm your sexual life. And this goes for both male and female. You may be sexually aroused, but getting satisfaction becomes difficult. And the longer it is used, the higher the chances of permanently harming your sexual life.

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Weight Loss. It is not uncommon to see cocaine users appearing as malnourished. This is because use of cocaine decreases a person’s appetite. And this loss of weight can start a host of medical issues.

These are just some of the dangers your loved one faces with continued use of cocaine. And the worst part, these conditions can occur even on a young and healthy person.

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