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The Less-talked-about Benefits of Clear Aligners

Woman about to wear an invisible alignerInvisibility is the number one selling point of clear dental aligners. After all, not everybody wants to attract attention while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Conscious individuals find conventional braces a great source of anxiety.

Apart from being low-profile appliances, sets of clear aligners offer more benefits. Here are the perks that you can enjoy by wearing clear dental aligners:

Happy Eating

Removability is one of the most underrated qualities of clear aligners. You need to take them off so that you can bite and chew food properly. Plus, it’s advisable to remove them when drinking any beverage that might cause discoloration, like coffee.

As a result, you can enjoy your meals without worry. You don’t have to be concerned about food being stuck in your orthodontic appliance, which is a frequent problem among brace wearers. Also, removing them is a welcome option during important occasions.

Less Irritation

No orthodontic treatment is completely discomfort-free, but clear aligners are far less irritating to use. The metallic brackets and wires of traditional braces will always bother you even when you’re used to them.

Easy Hygiene Care

Most notably, aligners are easy to clean. They only need rinsing and soaking to rid themselves of saliva and plaque. Without them, you can floss and brush like normal.

Braces, on the other hand, will make your life harder because they’re screwed to your teeth. Without the patience to clean every tooth, you might put your oral hygiene at risk.

Aligner therapy is a conventional orthodontic treatment, but it’s not for everyone. Even if your case of teeth misalignment is remediable with clear aligners, compliance and retention are keys to success. If you don’t have the discipline to keep them on when necessary and replace them regularly, their benefits won’t translate to positive results.

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