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The Hottest Wedding Flower Trends to Look Out for This Year

wedding flowersFinding the right bridal bouquet that you will carry down the aisle requires special attention. After all, it’s as important as your wedding dress. Flowers are not just a wonderful accessory, they can also be a great way to show your sense of style and your personality.

The size, color, and design that you will choose can make or break your attire. This is the reason you should choose one that is sure to turn heads. Read on to know the lovely bridal bouquet ideas that you can steal on your big day.

The Hand-Tied Bouquet

This beautiful style features flowers in a rounded head, foliage, and accessories atop spiralled stems. As industry professional Vandersalm’s Flowershop explains, “These arrangements are designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are often wrapped in ribbon or French braided together. Hand-tied bouquets have a more casual air and are particularly nice for garden weddings and brides who like the feeling of an unarranged gathering of flowers.” If making a hand-tied bridal bouquet sounds overwhelming, don’t hesitate to let a florist help you decide.

The ‘Just-Picked-from-the-Garden’ Look

Do you want a bouquet full of elegant garden beauty? The use of wild, cascading florals has been popular among many brides this year. To follow this trend, choose brightly colored blooms. For an attention grabbing bouquet, why not mix and match vibrant colors instead of just having one. You can use calla lilies, wildflowers, and tulips as accents. Choose no more than five varieties of flowers, though. Make sure your bouquet will look like it came from the garden. This is ideal for those who prefer to have an unarranged gathering of blooms.

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The Ultra-Luxurious Wedding Flowers

Imagine all flowers pretty and sophisticated in color, but can be costly. Inspired by famous celebrity weddings like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, romantic blooms in pastel colors is a trend now. Whether you’re going to use white, teal or Tiffany roses, never forget to scrape the thorns off.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy style or a timeless floral motif, keep these trends in mind to make an informed decision.

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