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The Basics of Sex Therapy: What Every Couple Should Know

SexIn simple terms, a sex therapist aids people overcome their sexual problems. Sex therapists are licensed and qualified doctors, counselors, or healthcare professionals who have the necessary training to help people deal with all their issues relating sexuality.

Do You Need to See a Sex Therapist?

There are plenty of people who grapple with sexual problems at some time in their lives. While some can easily handle their problems by themselves, others struggle for a long time. They find themselves unable to cope, which in turn leads to extreme unhappiness, anxiety, and depression. Generally, a sex therapist helps with the following:

  • For Women – lacking sexual desire, orgasm difficulties, pain while having penetrative sex, and other female sexual issues
  • For Men – lacking sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation, and other male sexual issues
What’s a Typical Sex Therapy Session Like?

Your therapist will ask you to share sexual problems to determine if the cause of your issues is physical, psychological, or both. Sharing your experiences will significantly aid you in gaining a better understanding of your problems and its possible causes. You’ll also be assigned exercises and activities that you must either do alone or with your partner. Take note that each session is strictly confidential.

You should consult with a sex therapist by yourself if you’re the only one having issues. But, you should attend sessions with your partner if your issues are affecting him or her as well. Typically sessions can last from 30 to 60 minutes one day a week. Your therapist will decide if you need weekly or monthly sessions and how long you have to undergo sex therapy.

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Where Can I Find a Sex Therapist?

If you think your sexual problems are starting to negatively affect your life, it’s best to consult with your doctor first to see if your problems are rooted in physical causes or not. Usually, the doctor will introduce you to a therapist if they deem it suitable for your situation. The main thing is that you should be extremely comfortable with your chosen sex therapist.

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