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The Anatomy of Julia Roberts’ Smile

Teeth WhiteningJulia Roberts — the ultimate Pretty Woman, on-screen and off-screen.

Almost everyone loves her and the roles she portrays. From a prostitute-turned-heroine to a mother in the military, Miss Roberts offers an array of unforgettable characters. Being a memorable person herself, it is difficult to brush her off.

What is it about this glamorous woman that makes her so remarkable?

The answer lies in her smile.

Mona Lisa’s Smile

Apart from her proportionate features, Julia Roberts credits her beauty to her smile. For local dental practice Fresh Dental, an ideal smile has the following features:

  • Teeth should be aligned, not crooked.
  • Teeth should have a natural white shade — A1, A2
  • Healthy pink gums; no black triangles between teeth; also, one should not show too little or too much gum
  • The upper lip’s vermillion border should follow the crest of the gums of the upper teeth

Julia’s Simple Secret

While the famous female actor’s perfect smile cannot be achieved easily, she shares a secret. As it turns out, Miss Roberts took beauty advice from an unexpected source: her late grandfather. According to her, one of the best bits of advice she received from him was the proper way to brush her teeth (and whiten it along the way).

‘I brush [my teeth] with baking soda. My grandfather would put a big heaping mound of it on his toothbrush,’ Julia told InStyle magazine. ‘He had only one cavity in his entire life.’

Other than that, she does not do anything further.

You Can Do It Too

To at least achieve her white smile, it pays to take a leaf out of her book. The baking-soda-toothpaste combination is a popular natural alternative for teeth whitening. All you need is several teaspoons of baking soda and your favourite toothpaste. A little lemon to the mix also reduces the acidity of the soda, which results in a natural bleach.

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Julia Roberts will remain an unforgettable darling in film and cinema. Apart from the memorable roles she played, we will never forget her megawatt smile.

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