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3 Benefits of Having a Grief Support Group

Based on figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 2,712,630 deaths are recorded every single year. For every loss, there are people who grieve. Have you experienced a death of a loved one in the recent months? Do you think having a support group outside of your circles can help you cope? […]

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The Different Types of Shoulder Arthritis You Should Know About

Aside from damaging your tendons and muscles, arthritis could also damage your ligaments and joints. Shoulder arthritis commonly causes symptoms like limited range of motion and joint pain. The AAOS, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, states that there are different types of shoulder arthritis. Fortunately, they’re treatable. Standard treatments include lifestyle changes, medications, corticosteroid injections, […]

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Factors to Avoid When Going to a Korean Bath Scrub

The scrub corner in a Korean Bathhouse is the section that most people find to be overly intriguing. With each scrub lasting about 40 minutes, you will hardly have the sense of time while at it. A real Korean scrub depicts a different kind of naked exposure. While there, a Korean woman scarcely dressed, uses […]

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Fever in Kids: When to Seek Medical Attention

Doctor in front of a family

Regardless of how caring and loving you are as a parent, your kid is not immune to experiencing a fever. Every child will eventually get it, but it rarely causes harm. You should know that fever can sometimes be a good thing, as it’s usually the body’s way of fighting infections. It’s important, however, to […]

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Joining a Gym: The Advantages of Working Out Regularly

Woman working out with male trainer

The new year offers exciting opportunities to make significant changes in your life. Having a good start toward a healthier lifestyle is one of many people’s favorites. After the hearty meals offered during the holidays, it is time to shape up and shed the unwanted pounds. Enrolling in a gym is a great way to […]

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Boost Your Self-Confidence With a Dazzling Smile

Introduction People who are confident seem to have it easier to get after what they want in life. They can meet new people, make new friends and have active social lives. One common thing about them is that they wear a bright and poised smile, which is the first sign of a person’s confidence. However, […]

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Top 3 Tips to Looking Younger Instantly

Looking young is something many strive for, but in this day and age, it can be challenging to keep that youthful glow through the years. The secret to a youthful glow is a healthy lifestyle and a little help from science at times. The good news is there are a lot of options nowadays for […]

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Critical Issues to Consider Before Using the Haemorrhoid Ligator

When looking for the right devices for use in your medical practice, you want one that will come with a high level of precision while also considering its efficiency and cost. That does not mean that these latter two are not critical enough to consider, only that as a medical practitioner, your patients come first when determining which […]

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How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones | 3 Tips on How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones

Do your senior parents or grandparents live with you? Do you have kids living with you? Do you have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job? If all your answers are a yes, hats off to you! Living with and caring for your senior loved ones can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have […]

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Reflexology: Relief Through Pressure Points

Proponents of reflexology believe that applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, hands, face and ears may be beneficial to the body. It may, for example, bring about the relief of stress. Effect of Reflexology on the Body The effects of reflexology may not be limited to stress-relief, however, as there is a widely […]