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4 Tips on Maintaining Bright Teeth After a Whitening Procedure

a dentist with a patient smiling

A bright smile exudes confidence. At times, though, exposure to different elements such as tobacco, caffeine, and staining foods leads to tooth discoloration. To retain your teeth’s good appearance, you will need professional whitening. After the procedure is done, you will still be prone to staining and failing to adhere to aftercare procedures may worsen the problem. A prominent […]

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Overlooked Ways of Caring for Teeth Post-Whitening

Woman with a toothbrush

Throughout the United Kingdom, more and more patients seek to improve the appearance of their teeth. From whitening procedures to teeth alignment, dentists cater to the desires of their patients. In Hertfordshire, teeth whitening procedures are a common request, but many people forget they must take steps to care for their teeth after the procedure, […]

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Getting Married? Prep Yourself for a Brighter Smile

Camera-ready bride smiling for the camera

Looking your best in a major event — such as your wedding — involves more than just finding the perfect dress or hairstyle. Weddings, particularly if it's yours, are one of those occasions where you'll find yourself being prompted to smile the entire time. So, making sure that your pearly whites are sparkling and picture-perfect […]

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3 Ways to Look Your Best on Your Wedding Day

As your wedding day approaches, you may be feeling anxious about how you’ll look as your wedding day approaches. As the bride, people will expect you to look your best and be the most beautiful woman in the room. Don’t let the pressure get to you because how you feel inside will radiate outside. Of […]

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The Anatomy of Julia Roberts’ Smile

Julia Roberts — the ultimate Pretty Woman, on-screen and off-screen. Almost everyone loves her and the roles she portrays. From a prostitute-turned-heroine to a mother in the military, Miss Roberts offers an array of unforgettable characters. Being a memorable person herself, it is difficult to brush her off. What is it about this glamorous woman […]

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Effective Approaches for Whiter Teeth

Teeth whitening is a global trend because of all the benefits it promises. It boosts a person’s self-confidence and this translates into more opportunities. Your professional career benefits from the renewed positivity, while your social life improves as well. As one of the primary treatments that fall under the practice of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening […]

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Basic Know-How in Preparing for a Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Having a perfect set of sparkling white teeth is a dream for most people. Some experience yellowish or stained teeth because of any reasons, including not brushing and flossing regularly, using tobacco products, and drinking coffee, cola, tea, red wine and other stain-prone liquids. However, there are many ways to restore the whiteness of your […]