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Fighting Off Substance Addiction: 4 Effective Methods to Do It

Substance addiction presents plenty of consequences to the ones experiencing it and to those around them. It inflicts serious problems that may affect the mental, emotional, and physical state of the people involved. As hard as it may seem, recovery is still possible. Given the right amount of motivation and treatment, anyone could do it. […]

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4 Interventions in Drugs and Substance Abuse

More people are finding themselves under the influence of drug addiction. This indulgence could have started in their teens or adulthood due to a bad environment. The pleasant experience that came with the addiction could not let them stop the habit no matter how hard they try to go against their vices. In turn, they […]

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Diving Into an Addict’s Mind

The brain is the most complex organ that a person has; it directs your human activity to something as simple as opening a door to complicated computations and essays to complete a master’s degree. All of its parts work together and communicate with each other to perform the simplest of tasks. This all changes when […]

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Don’t Think Wrong: Myths About Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse

Drug addiction is a serious condition. It is a chronic disease that affects one’s brain. Once your brain malfunctions, every aspect of your life becomes affected. Before things get worse, it is better to seek treatment for drug abuse. Depending on the case and some preferences, one may opt for inpatient rehabilitation or intensive outpatient […]