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Want Skin to be Proud of this Summer? Here’s How

Collagen Mask on Face

The skin plays a big role in your life. If it’s young and supple, you feel confident about your appearance. A blemish-free skin on your face also makes it easy to prepare for the day, as you can get away with minimal makeup. But it’s not enough to just protect the skin on your face. […]

Get Healthy

3 Botox Mistakes and the Ways You Can Fix Them

Beauty woman giving botox injections

As the wedding, graduation, and seasonal celebrations are fast approaching, it’s no wonder many people want to look good — with the use of Botox. No matter how effective it is in making a person look and feel good, it’s best to still be aware of its potential side effects. This is why it’s important to seek the […]

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Skin Care Tips for Your Next Tropical Vacation

Summer’s here and your much-needed R&R is finally going to happen! You’ve already drawn out an itinerary for your two-week stay in Florida including visiting the famous Ft. DeSoto beach, sailing along the Gulf of Mexico and visiting a spa or two in St. Petersburg such as the Marilyn Monroe Spas. Tropical vacations are fun but don’t forget about your skin […]

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Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant and Young

Girl with a beautiful teeth

Time isn’t always the enemy – especially if you take care of yourself properly. With the right approach, it’s perfectly possible to slow down the aging process and make yourself look years younger. Opt for Simple Nips and Tucks A plastic surgery center such as

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Estheticians: Their Role in Patients’ Emotional Well-Being

When symptoms of skin problems arise, it’s normal for a person to feel some level of psychosocial distress. This is especially true in today’s society where almost everyone puts a massive importance on appearance. Moreover, while some think that skin imperfections are nothing but minor aesthetic flaws, they can actually deal a huge blow on […]

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What You Need to Know About Neck Lift Before Initial Consult with a Plastic Surgeon

Facelift surgery is familiar to most people, although some doctors prefer to call it facial rejuvenation. The youthful and refreshing results are encouraging, and women who are keen on keeping themselves young looking make the most of facial plastic surgery. In Salt Lake City and most parts of the state, neck lift is a less […]

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Facial Serums: Effects, Benefits, and Cost

As you grow old, you start to notice fine lines and even wrinkles appearing on your face. You may feel helpless about it as you go through anti-aging product after product, but nothing seems to work, or it is taking so long to take effect. Did you know that simply adding anti-aging skin serums into […]

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The 5 Different Facial Cleansers For Your Skin Type

Woman scrubbing her face with a loofah

Women use many products on the skin to keep it youthful and glowing. However, dermatologists all over the world would agree with the fact that the secret to having good skin is by keeping it clean. With all the different types of facial cleanser in the market, how do you know which one is best […]