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Focal Point

Make Your Restaurant More Efficient

a cafe owner standing at the counter

Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks of any leader but also one of the most important in a restaurant manager. You know that people are your company’s biggest asset. You need to take care of them and keep them motivated. In a restaurant like OverEasy, you need to make sure that everyone […]

Talking Points

Food Safety Tips Your Restaurant Should Follow

Restaurant Chef Preparing Food

One of the best ways to boost your restaurant’s profitability is to make sure that your food is safe to eat. As such, it is important to make it as one of your priorities. Now, if you are not sure if the food served to your customers is safe enough, here are some tips you […]

Luxury 360

5 Things To Consider for Event Venues

Function Venue

It’s one thing to attend business meetings, family dinners, and parties with friends – it’s another thing altogether to organise them. Whether the event is formal or casual, it is may be a challenge to look for a venue to match it. shares 5 tips to make your search for function venues easier. The Type […]

Get Healthy

Four Important Facts You Need to Know About Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has undoubtedly captivated the hearts of many people outside the subcontinent where it originated. It has reached Europe and the Americas and established a reputation as a classic example of exotic food. Besides introducing to the world an incredible variety of curry and exotic spices, what else do you know about Indian cuisine? […]