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Retainers for Post-Orthodontic Treatment

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Braces are a common orthodontic appliance for straightening teeth; many patients need to wear them for some time, but many patients often find the process painful and disconcerting. Many patients need to wear retainers after braces. Retainers are effective for post-orthodontic treatments. Retainers hold your teeth in their ‘final’ position while the gums and cheekbones […]

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Dental implants – So Worth It

Despite being one of our smallest body parts, replacing a missing tooth can be a lengthy and costly procedure and even more so if a full set is required, but it’s a treatment journey that is well worth making. These tiny chunks of calcium may be small, but they play a vital role in our […]

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What’s the Right Toothbrush for Your Little One?

When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush for your child, the American Dental Association notes that both manual and electric ones can fight plaque and gum disease effectively. If your little one is reluctant to do the habit, however, you may consider choosing an electric toothbrush. This makes brushing easier, as it is more […]

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The Value of Technology in Orthodontic Treatments

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Orthodontics is a crucial part of dental health. Current orthodontic treatment has used developments in technology, science, and dental health to provide patients with the best solutions. Current therapies use state-of-the-art equipment to resolve dental issues. The digital equipment used in orthodontics aims to improve treatment time and improve diagnostic accuracy. Here are some of […]

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Dental Treatments: Restoring Your Smile, Restoring Your Confidence

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If you’re unhappy with the way your smile looks, there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your teeth. From closing gaps to brightening dull pearly whites, these procedures can restore your confidence and help you make a good first impression. A beautiful and genuine smile, furthermore, can make you appear friendly, […]

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The Enemies of Dental Crowns: Chewy and Tough Food

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Getting a dental crown is just like getting other equipment installed in your mouth. You need to start taking better care of your mouth from now on. Just because the crown prevented further problems with your tooth, it doesn’t mean you can go back to eating lots of sweets and neglecting to brush your teeth […]

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4 Simple Hacks to Get Beautiful Teeth

A set of beautiful, white teeth is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, for many people, it’s a dream that remains elusive for most or all of their lives. But that should not always be the case. Dentist @ W2 shares a few tips on how to improve the appearance of your teeth. Consider teeth whitening Many people face […]

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Making Dental Visits Easier For Your Child

It does not come as a surprise that a many children are scared of the dentist and a visit is usually dreaded. But where did this fear come from and is it still possible to alleviate it? The good news is that you can do something to help children overcome their fear of dentists. A […]

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Crossbite Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

Are your upper teeth biting down on your lower teeth’s inside portion? If they are, you might be suffering from a crossbite. Whilst crossbites do not really inflict pain and are somewhat harmless, they could cause serious problems later on. In the past, crossbites could only be treated with expanders or braces. Now, you could […]

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An Energy Drink Boosts your Body’s Performance, But It’s Bad for the Teeth, Too

Sodas are bad for your health. That’s why people are swapping these sugar-filled drinks with an alternative: energy drinks. But are they really better for you? According to researchers, energy and sports drinks are not as healthy as they’re marketed to be. In fact, their acidity could endanger oral health. Danger to Dental Health Poonam […]