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Interesting Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

Real teeth with model teeth

Modern cosmetic dentistry is constantly inventing new ways to improve peoples’ smiles. However, not many people realise what their cosmetic dentist can do to improve their smile and oral health. Nowadays, many dental practices provide cosmetic dentistry in Belfast, including Blue Sky Dentistry. They employ various cosmetic dentistry procedures to help improve the health and […]

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No Diet and Food Restrictions with Dental Implants

actual dental implant

Missing teeth can negatively affect your diet by taking your ability to enjoy a variety of foods. When you don’t have a complete set of strong teeth, you might find it difficult to chew certain foods, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. You may able to fill in the gaps with dentures, but eating with them […]

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Dental Implants vs Dentures

Elderly Woman with Dental Implants

Missing teeth can have greatly affect your life, as you will know if you already have a few gaps. You may even be considering how to restore your smile. If it looks like you might be losing some or all of your teeth soon, it’s worth starting to look at your options. Two common solutions […]

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Missing Teeth: A Predictor of Future Heart Disease

Losing teeth is bad enough — but it is also linked to heart disease. In fact, a recent study confirmed the speculation of dental practices like PDC Dental that tooth loss may actually be associated with heart disease, diabetes and even death. The Methodology The researchers used the 1997 National FINRISK study findings, which analysed […]