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Fit Club

3 Lifestyle Changes That Have a Big Impact

Having a good lifestyle is something that many people aspire. Unfortunately, achieving it is not always easy. There will be challenges that will make you feel like giving up. However, getting over these challenges has a reward. A lifestyle change is something that you must do if you want to go for the better—better you, […]

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Skin Care Tips for Your Next Tropical Vacation

Summer’s here and your much-needed R&R is finally going to happen! You’ve already drawn out an itinerary for your two-week stay in Florida including visiting the famous Ft. DeSoto beach, sailing along the Gulf of Mexico and visiting a spa or two in St. Petersburg such as the Marilyn Monroe Spas. Tropical vacations are fun but don’t forget about your skin […]

Fit Club

Joining a Gym: The Advantages of Working Out Regularly

Woman working out with male trainer

The new year offers exciting opportunities to make significant changes in your life. Having a good start toward a healthier lifestyle is one of many people’s favorites. After the hearty meals offered during the holidays, it is time to shape up and shed the unwanted pounds. Enrolling in a gym is a great way to […]

Talking Points

How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones | 3 Tips on How to Empower Your Senior Loved Ones

Do your senior parents or grandparents live with you? Do you have kids living with you? Do you have a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job? If all your answers are a yes, hats off to you! Living with and caring for your senior loved ones can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have […]

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Statistics Shows There are Over 54 Million Single Americans

America’s population of single people reached 54,350,000 as of May 12, 2017, according to online dating statistics. From that number, 49,650,000 tried to find a date online whether through a millionaire matchmaker in Chicago or a personal relationship counselor in New York. Male users outnumbered women, accounting for 52.4% and 47.6% of singles, respectively. Mingling Singles As […]

Get Healthy

Facial Serums: Effects, Benefits, and Cost

As you grow old, you start to notice fine lines and even wrinkles appearing on your face. You may feel helpless about it as you go through anti-aging product after product, but nothing seems to work, or it is taking so long to take effect. Did you know that simply adding anti-aging skin serums into […]

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Do Not Let Yellow Teeth Compromise Your Smile

Teeth Whitening

While poor oral hygiene contributes to tooth discoloration, this is not the only culprit. Your daily lifestyle, which may include consuming certain foods and beverages, can also cause tooth stains. Drinking coffee, tea, wine, and other acidic beverages, can soften the tooth surface and reveal a yellowish hue. Know More About Enamel Erosion If you […]

Get Healthy

3 Reasons to Eat Healthy Today

A well-balanced diet with exercise is essential to health. U.S. studies, however, show that Americans eat 31% more packaged food than fresh food, and spend 10% of their disposable income on fast-food every year. These eating habits, when not changed, can bring serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more. People should pay […]

Fit Club

A Healthy Mind and Body: Yoga—Why Do It?

Yoga is a Hindu discipline, which nurtures the person’s health and well-being, including their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional state. It aims to unify the multidimensional aspects of the body by following a series of yoga postures (asana) to attain the higher state of being. Since it was first introduced, it instantly becomes a hit […]