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Talking Points

An Overview of Hospice Care

When the doctor says that someone you care has a few days, weeks, or months to live, the pain can be hard to bear. It is human nature to want to fix things. Unfortunately, a terminal illness is not something that you can wish away. At this point, improving the patient’s quality of life should […]

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Pain Control Methods Used In Hospice Care

Hospice care is the best care option for a patient facing a life-limiting illness. There are however various myths and misconceptions surrounding hospice care. One of the prevalent misconceptions is that caregivers in hospice centers overmedicate patients with pain medications or leave them in excruciating pain. Nothing could be farther from this reality, more so […]

Talking Points

Four Words to Help You Say Goodbye to a Dying loved one

Facing a loved ones’ nearness to death may make you feel helplessness. There comes a time we must say good-bye. What can you tell a loved one who is ina hospice home in Indiana who only has few days to live? Words are the most significant parting gifts you can give your loved one. I […]

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Why Senior Living Facilities Are Good For Seniors

Caregiver Walking An Elderly Woman

Nowadays, it would not be surprising if you mistook a senior living community in Ogden for any other cool home. Senior communities are no longer the places where the young adults used to leave their aging parents just because they are so much of a burden to care for; these assisted and senior independent living […]