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Amazing Benefits of Sourdough Pasta

Thanks to its availability and affordability, pasta is a staple meal in every American Home. In fact, according to North Dakota State University, the average American typically consumes at least 20 pounds of pasta on a yearly basis. But, what if we turn it into something healthier by turning sourdough into pasta just like what […]

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Here are Three Things That Happen When You Switch to Organic Food

Many farmers are now avoiding pesticide and fertilizers when cultivating organic produce because of their potential health risks. Organic farms are now limiting confining their animals to enclosures all the time. Animals in these farms are free to roam a field to relieve their stress which affects their growth. They are also raised without synthetic […]

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Different States Use Exercise to Combat Obesity Among Students

People eating healthy foodSeveral schools in the different states have changed their attitude on solving obesity among students, following laws imposed in 2016 that mandated them to focus more on exercise and physical education (PE). For instance, some schools in Wisconsin want to use exercise as a way to stimulate children’s brains. A Society for […]

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3 Reasons Protein Bars are Still Hot and Will Remain So

Why Protein Bars Dominate In The Market

You most likely have seen your gym mates eating those protein bars: the small, snack-like bars in colourful wrappers. You may have wondered for so long why they choose to eat these right after work out, but you never bothered to ask or check because of all the misconceptions about them you know. The truth […]

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4 Signs Someone May Have an Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 4 percent of adults and 3 percent of teenagers are affected by eating disorders, but never receive treatment. This is mainly because the people around them, including families, friend or school personnel didn’t recognize the signs. Fortunately, it’s never too late to notice any of these signs […]

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Over for Dinner: Hosting Wonderful Nights with Friends


Since time immemorial, food has been a way to not only sustain the human body and spirit, but also to build bridges between them. It has always been a socialising phenomenon, from early man sharing the day’s hunt to the rest of the tribe, to lavish dinners of the present day in ceremonial functions. Dinner […]

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Love at First Bite: Italian Cuisine as a Timeless Treasure


When someone says ‘Italian cuisine’, people remember the basic words that go with those words, namely pizza, pasta and wine. Dishes with bell peppers and tomatoes automatically remind people of bella Italia. Italian cuisine possesses a unique identity among food lovers. Italy’s selection of mouth-watering dishes evolved from a combination of other cuisines from Greece […]