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How to Help Your Loved One Cope with an Eating Disorder

Woman disappointed with her weight

Anyone can acquire an eating disorder no matter what their age, gender, race, or body type may be. So if you’re about your loved one, then it’s vital to encourage them to seek eating disorder treatment in Westport to ensure a higher chance of recovery. But other than that, there are also other things that […]

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A Deeper Look at Anorexia Nervosa

Its many people's dream to eat to their heart’s content without having to worry about excess weight. This is partially due to the society’s stigma about body appearances and weight. While others go on a diet or follow a routine exercise, there are those who take weight loss and body appearance more seriously — to […]

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Hungry But Not: Struggles of Anorexia

Everyone has had their share of weight-related struggles. How they deal differs from one person to another: some diet, others hit the gym, while the remaining acceot defeat and still eat their favorites. Others, however, are too preoccupied with losing weight. The most extreme cases result in eating disorders—anorexia being one of them. Irrational fear […]

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Eating Disorders: Get Involved and Save a Life

Not many people are familiar with how serious eating disorders are, which is one of the reasons they can be fatal – people often disregard them. Patients suffering from eating disorders need help just like people with any other form of illnesses. Everyone should be made aware of the condition and have their “facts” straightened […]

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4 Signs Someone May Have an Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 4 percent of adults and 3 percent of teenagers are affected by eating disorders, but never receive treatment. This is mainly because the people around them, including families, friend or school personnel didn’t recognize the signs. Fortunately, it’s never too late to notice any of these signs […]