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Dental implants – So Worth It

Despite being one of our smallest body parts, replacing a missing tooth can be a lengthy and costly procedure and even more so if a full set is required, but it’s a treatment journey that is well worth making. These tiny chunks of calcium may be small, but they play a vital role in our […]

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Tooth Loss and the Ideal Replacement Solution

Your teeth are not only a vital part of your appearance; they are also a testament to your habits and lifestyle. Having a beautiful smile shows that you take good care and pay attention to your health. Moreover, it can give you an advantage when applying for a job or scoring a date. This is […]

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What’s the Right Toothbrush for Your Little One?

When it comes to choosing the right toothbrush for your child, the American Dental Association notes that both manual and electric ones can fight plaque and gum disease effectively. If your little one is reluctant to do the habit, however, you may consider choosing an electric toothbrush. This makes brushing easier, as it is more […]

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4 Celebrities Who Could Use a Trip to the Dentist

Celebrities seem to be the luckiest people on Earth. They lead charmed lives. They have bigger than life personas. We, as mere mortals, look at them with the utmost admiration, sometimes even envy. We revel in scrutinizing them, down to the nitty-gritty. For instance, when they reveal their less than stellar set of choppers. Here […]

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No Diet and Food Restrictions with Dental Implants

actual dental implant

Missing teeth can negatively affect your diet by taking your ability to enjoy a variety of foods. When you don’t have a complete set of strong teeth, you might find it difficult to chew certain foods, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. You may able to fill in the gaps with dentures, but eating with them […]

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Boost Your Self-Confidence With a Dazzling Smile

Introduction People who are confident seem to have it easier to get after what they want in life. They can meet new people, make new friends and have active social lives. One common thing about them is that they wear a bright and poised smile, which is the first sign of a person’s confidence. However, […]

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Clear Braces in Richmond: Invisalign

Woman wearing invisible braces

Twenty years ago, dental technology was very different. When it came to braces, there wasn’t much choice for most patients but to buckle up with metal wire and brackets for two years and get on with it. Then in 1997, two business students in the US decided to try something different. Zia Chishti and Kelsey […]

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The Enemies of Dental Crowns: Chewy and Tough Food

Dental crown concept shot

Getting a dental crown is just like getting other equipment installed in your mouth. You need to start taking better care of your mouth from now on. Just because the crown prevented further problems with your tooth, it doesn’t mean you can go back to eating lots of sweets and neglecting to brush your teeth […]

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A Checklist for Your Child’s First Dentist Visit

If not properly addressed, tooth decay can result in pain, which may affect your child’s appetite, speech, and overall well-being. As such, the American Dental Association encourages parents to bring their children to a pediatric dentist as soon as their first birthday. Here is a checklist of what to expect during your child’s first visit […]

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Crossbite Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

Are your upper teeth biting down on your lower teeth’s inside portion? If they are, you might be suffering from a crossbite. Whilst crossbites do not really inflict pain and are somewhat harmless, they could cause serious problems later on. In the past, crossbites could only be treated with expanders or braces. Now, you could […]