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Reducing the Risk Factors for Deep Vein Thrombosis

A thrombosis is a blood clot in the vein. If blood clots break off, they can travel to the lungs and block the flow of oxygen. This is a pulmonary embolism and requires emergency treatment. Thrombosis is common. Around 900,000 Americans get this diagnosis every year, a rate of 1–2 in every 1,000. Deep vein […]

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What You Should Know About May-Thurner Syndrome

May-Thurner Syndrome is a condition caused when the right iliac artery compresses the left iliac vein. The left iliac vein is the main vein in the left leg while the right iliac artery is the main artery in the right leg. The right iliac artery can sometimes rest on top of the left iliac vein, […]

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Post-DVT Recovery: Throwing a Dinner Party for Friends and Family

Cooking for one is tough enough when you’ve just recovered from deep vein thrombosis or DVT, so cooking for guests can be pretty overwhelming. But, you do deserve to celebrate your recovery. Check with your doctor first, then start planning. With the help of this article, you won’t be scared to invite your friends and […]

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How Does Stenting Relieve Blood Vessels Blocked by Plaque?

Deep Vein Thrombosis

As people grow older, plaque starts to build up within their veins and arteries. This process is further accelerated by lifestyle factors, such as having a poor diet and being sedentary. It’s no surprise that heart disease is still the number one cause of death in most western countries.   However, clogged blood vessels can […]