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How Many Kiwis Will Be Diagnosed With Cancer By 2035?

Nurse with a cancer patient

Screenings for cervical cancer and other types of preventive measures will be more necessary in New Zealand, as cancer becomes the leading cause of death in the country. By 2035, the Cancer Society expects an increase of 50 per cent in the number of cancer patients. Hospital and clinics will need more accessories from a […]

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Don’t Let Obesity Ruin Your Life in the Long Run

Doctor Measuring Obese Man

Overweight and obesity affect more than two-thirds (70.7%) of the adult population (20 years and older) in the United States. To be more specific, 36.5% suffer from obesity. Both weight-related issues have long since been major health concerns, but up to now, many still do not take it as seriously as they need to. Being […]

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Five Condiments and Sauces that Are Good for Your Health

Gravy Mixes

Condiments and sauces can make huge improvements on bland dishes. Their flavors add more excitement to our meals, while their textures complement a variety of ingredients. Condiments and sauces are not just toppings – they are also food that contains calories and nutrients. Here are five condiments and sauces that your health can benefit from. […]

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Why You Should Take Cancer Screening Even if You Look and Feel Healthy

Health Professional in Singapore

Cancer is life threatening, but preventable if detected early. This abnormal growth of the cells is difficult to identify because some do not display any health symptom at all. You will be surprised one day that your body has developed health complications, which might cause you to collapse eventually due to its severity. This is […]