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The Truth Behind the Most Common Botox Myths

Imagine that you’ve noticed your blemishes for a while, and you wish that you could ignore them. Wrinkles have started to show up on your face, and they’ve been growing in number. While you’ve considered Botox treatment, you are put off by what you hear about it. However, these “truths” may be just myths that […]

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Ways to Look Younger

closeup of a smiling woman

Ageing skin is a major concern for women and men alike. Who doesn’t want to look younger and defy time by a few years? Luckily, facial aesthetics are here to help. And nothing beats having Botox and dermal fillers in a dental clinic. Contrary to popular belief, dentists are more suitable to provide facial rejuvenation […]

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3 Botox Mistakes and the Ways You Can Fix Them

Beauty woman giving botox injections

As the wedding, graduation, and seasonal celebrations are fast approaching, it’s no wonder many people want to look good — with the use of Botox. No matter how effective it is in making a person look and feel good, it’s best to still be aware of its potential side effects. This is why it’s important to seek the […]

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Botox: Know the Possibilities of the Treatment

Cosmetic surgeons get numerous inquiries for botulinum toxin injections because it is accessible and effective. Botox promises to smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face, and it delivers. In Utah, there is no better conservative solution for frown lines on the forehead. While considered safe by the US Food and Drug Administration, many still […]

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Effectiveness of Botox as Skin Treatment Validated by New Study

Botox Skin Treatment

The results of a study published in the prestigious journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery have encouraged many practitioners in the field of plastic surgery and dentistry. Experts, such as those at Botox Training Club, say that the study validated the claim that Botox is truly an effective skin treatment for men and women suffering from […]