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Impress Your Future Boss by Using These Three Beauty Tips

Smiling woman outdoors

Many millennials nowadays get flak for it, but it is not a bad thing to concern yourself with your looks. Be it your hair, your face or your body, making yourself look presentable means you are paying attention to yourself and giving yourself self-care. Being confident and self-aware is one characteristic that employers look for […]

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Factors to Avoid When Going to a Korean Bath Scrub

The scrub corner in a Korean Bathhouse is the section that most people find to be overly intriguing. With each scrub lasting about 40 minutes, you will hardly have the sense of time while at it. A real Korean scrub depicts a different kind of naked exposure. While there, a Korean woman scarcely dressed, uses […]

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Ready to Face the Knife: 3 Signs You’re Ready to Undergo a Cosmetic Surgery

Woman about to have a cosmetic surgery

You may want to improve what you already have by undergoing a cosmetic surgery. But wanting is just half of the entire picture. The more important question you need to ask is, “Are you ready?” Knowing that you’re ready for such a procedure will not help ensure its success. It also prevents certain mishaps and […]

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Top 3 Tips to Looking Younger Instantly

Looking young is something many strive for, but in this day and age, it can be challenging to keep that youthful glow through the years. The secret to a youthful glow is a healthy lifestyle and a little help from science at times. The good news is there are a lot of options nowadays for […]

Daily Top 10

Permanently Get Rid of Your Double Chin without Surgery

You get a double chin or sub-mental fullness when there is a buildup of excess fat below the chin. This can be because of your genes or aging and might not necessarily be an indication of weight gain. You can permanently get rid of the double chin at a medi spa here in Jericho using kybella, an FDA […]

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4 Ways To Get Rid Of Eyebags In Your Eyes


If you are always stressed out, eye bags have probably become a regular feature on your face. While there is a part of the population that looks better with eye bags, they certainly do not work for everyone. If you are in the latter and you are looking for ways to eliminate eye bags, the following may be able […]

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Understanding the Strong Eyebrow Trend

Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Emmy Rossum, Keira Knightley, Lucy Hale; the list goes on and on. These A-list ladies are known not only for their talent, but for their stunning looks as well, and they all have one thing in common: thick, defined, done-up eyebrows. Gone are the days of the thin, streamlined ones, which […]