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When to Have the Conversation About Assisted Living

Trying to speak with your aging mother or father regarding their possible transition to a nursing home or assisted living facility could be one of the most emotional and challenging conversations you could ever have. But it’s something that you might need to do to help make sure that your parents are safe and well […]

Talking Points

Housing for the Elderly, Differently-Abled, and Surgical Rehab Patients

The activities people do every day, even here in Gulf Breeze, may appear trivial or inconsequential to most. These activities are simply part of the daily routine. Some people, however, may have difficulty doing such activities, even simple activities such as eating, housekeeping, or personal care. Such people include the elderly, differently-abled individuals, and individuals […]

Talking Points

Why Assisted Living Improves the Health of Elderly People

Assisted Living

With many people approaching retirement age, they may not see the need to leave their homes and live with their peers. However, with a lonely life in private homes, assisted living communities offer viable living solutions to the elderly. Living with peers in retirement communities provides companionship and friendship required at this age. Assisted living […]