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Super Model, Super Body, Super Health

Super Body, Super HealthAnd just like that, Kim Kardashian burst into the Hollywood scene and never left it, expanding her following year after year. Only an elite few has the gall to match her rising fame and even fewer can equal her hold among millions of fans worldwide. Truly, if there was a new Marilyn Monroe, Kim K would top the list.

No scene-stealing, voluptuous body may have made men drool more than this one. And no waist may have been most envied and followed by women more than this Kardashian’s.

The Best Kardashian of Them All

If we were to judge people by how many Twitter followers they have, then we would have made Kim Kardashian a demi-god. True, her transgender step-dad may have caused so much uproar worldwide, but when it comes to Twitter Royalty, only Kim Kardashian tops.

Currently, Kanye West’s better half has amassed over 32 million fans in Twitter-dom, second only to a handful – music superstars Katy Perry and boy wonder Justin Bieber included. Certainly, it’s not a bad place for someone who used to be a hair dresser to many other celebrities. Today, no family may have owned the throne to showbiz royalty America more than the Kardashians.

The Queen of Waist Training

But there maybe no phenomenon most identified with Kim Kardashian than waist training. Thanks to social media, her slender torso accentuated by a waist trainer has made every woman’s eyes swelling green with envy.

Over time as she religiously paraded her form in Twitter and in many other social networks, she has sparked a generation of waist training enthusiasts – eager to put on a Kim Kardashian waist trainer to get a Kim Kardashian svelte figure.

No dress or gym suit may have made Kim K’s gorgeous body more justice than a most adorable waist training corset, according to

It’s but fitting too. As science has spoken on the need for a slimmer waist, Kim Kardashian is leading everyone into the right path to a healthier, fuller life.





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