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Statistics Shows There are Over 54 Million Single Americans

Young man and woman getting to know each other talking outdoorsAmerica’s population of single people reached 54,350,000 as of May 12, 2017, according to online dating statistics.

From that number, 49,650,000 tried to find a date online whether through a millionaire matchmaker in Chicago or a personal relationship counselor in New York. Male users outnumbered women, accounting for 52.4% and 47.6% of singles, respectively.

Mingling Singles

As online dating becomes more popular, the industry has significantly risen with annual revenue amounting to $1.935 billion, based on statistics. The wedding industry somehow gained from this trend since 17% of marriages in 2016 started from an online romance. Interestingly, courtship between couples that met online lasts for 18.5 months on average before tying the knot. Those who met offline took longer with an average of 42 months.

For men, their top lies comprised false information about height and income. Weight and physique comprised the top two for women. Both sexes lie about their age when using online dating sites. Since this can be tricky, women should know how to avoid certain types of men for a pleasant experience.

Mr. Wrongs

Most women find it hard to look for the right online date, even when they already decided to choose just about anyone. Part of the reason may be interacting with the wrong man. For instance, avoid those that refuse to meet even if you enjoy talking to them. It’s best to exchange between five or six messages before planning to meet to save time.

Some men also seem unaware of the difference between honesty and arrogance, while others will lead you on with the promise of a bright future together only to end any communication when they know more about you.

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The use of online dating has become more prevalent, as busy schedules of some people leave them with no other choice to find partners. Matchmaking services are also particularly good for those who have gone tired of jumping from one failed relationship to another.

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