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Singapore’s Army: A Strong Bite from a Small Tiger

Armed ForcesSingapore is a small country, yet it is one of the most prosperous in the world. It is a central hub for Southeast Asian business, and it is also a busy port. Despite its size, Singapore soars in different fields such as  business and academics.

Singaporean Roar

You may not know that another field Singapore is great at is military. The city-state ranks 13th, following Vietnam and ahead of Malaysia, in terms of overall military strength. Also, the Singapore Armed Forces is considered one of the largest armies.

Money Converted to Defence

Singapore invests in the SAF and other military branches. In 2012, the country spent S$12.3 billion of its national budget just for the country’s defences. You may be raising your eyebrow in suspicion, but the state of military spending is based on good reasoning.

The Need for Big Guns

Singapore relies heavily on commerce, since it lacks in natural resource reserves. To ensure a stable trading environment in the city-state, strong defences must be available. Without a tough military force, Singapore may fall. In order to protect the country, says the SAF and the rest of the Singaporean military forces act upon two principles: deterrence and diplomacy.

No One Messes with the SAF

By making sure that the military is well-trained, well-supplied with arms and food, and up-to-date in weaponry, they achieve the first principle of deterrence. This is all accomplished by wise spending — buying only what’s needed.

With Friends Like These

On the other hand, by maintaining strong ties with foreign nations, they follow the principle of diplomacy. You live by an unconscious principle of ‘diplomacy’ yourself, except it’s called friendship. When you are out with friends, your friends will help you out if someone harasses you. The same idea works on the protection of Singapore.

Although Singapore is small, its military force is more than capable of defending it. As a resident of Singapore, you enjoy peace and stability in the country thanks to the SAF.

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