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Sex Addiction: When Bedroom Passion Goes Beyond the Marriage

Sex AddictionAfter going through some controversy, sex addiction has now been widely accepted. Like any other form of addiction, sexual addiction can have a huge impact on a person’s life. None can experience the full effects of sexual addiction than in a marriage.

Understanding Sex Addiction

Clinical researchers define sexual addiction as having an overwhelming desire to engage in physical intercourse. While it may be normal to copulate, this can become a problem if sexual activity interferes with daily living. This may also affect the person’s work, lifestyle, health, and relationships. When this happens, comprehensive counseling for sex addiction should be a priority.

People who have sex addiction tend to devote unusually long periods to sex-related activities. They are unable to control sexual behavior, such as reducing the frequency. They use sex as a form of escape from problems that may be emotional or social in nature.

The Impact of Sexual Addiction on Marriage

Marriage is perhaps the first casualty of sex addiction. Those who cannot control their sexual appetite may not be able to perform their duties in the relationship. They sacrifice work just to satisfy their cravings for physical attention. This, in turn, can put their marriage on the rocks.

It becomes very destructive when people with sexual addiction force their partners to engage in illicit acts that may not be normal and appropriate. Some even go as far as recording these sexual acts against the will of their partners.

Those with sexual addiction are more likely to have multiple partners or even carry extramarital relations. Some people even get to the point of constantly engaging the services of prostitutes if their partners cannot satisfy them.

Just like other types of addiction, people with sexual addiction still have hopes of recovering from their habits and start a new leaf in life. For couples, this is the right opportunity to work out differences and get to the core of the problem. At the end of the day, your burdens would have gone away.

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