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Self-Improvement: Focusing on What’s Truly Important

Woman in an interviewPursuing your dreams and rising in the ranks within your chosen profession or business requires that you invest time and energy in reaching your goals. Unfortunately, you may be working too hard at trying to reach the top that you forget what can truly empower you. Check these pointers for self-improvement that usually get ignored due to busy schedules:


True, hands-on experience can improve your knowledge about your chosen career path. However, there are external sources of knowledge that can add to your worth as a leader and as an individual. Find a mentor and get training outside of your present position. Aim to pass certifications from reputable organizations. Most importantly, don’t forget to read daily and it should go beyond just browsing online. Remember that knowledge is power.


You can’t go forward if your health is holding you back. Go to the gym on a regular basis, buy an exercise machine you can use at home, learn a new martial art, or do all of the above. Adjust your health regimen to fit your schedule. For aches and pains, Altruistic Physical Therapy suggests looking for a physical therapist. Visit your doctor and dentist regularly, too. Change to a healthier diet and don’t forget to hydrate.


The nature of the friendships you keep can either empower or weaken you. True, you can still enjoy the pleasure of hanging out with the gang, but there’s a thin line between enjoyment and over-indulgence. Spend more time in events where you can serve people, such as community events, fundraisers, and even government projects. Connect with people from all walks of life and you will learn lessons that are beyond your own limited experiences.

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Finally, do remember that with great power comes great responsibility. How you choose to use your new strengths and skills will be up to you. Hopefully, those you love and care for will be empowered along with you as you move forward in your life.

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