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Secrets to Maintaining Great Pediatric Dental Health

kid enjoying strawberriesChildren without oral health problems tend to look stronger and happier. Proper oral health care keeps their teeth healthy and their smiles bright, says Scott W. Grant, DMD. It should not entirely be about pediatric dental visits, though. As a parent, you also play a part in maintaining your child’s dental health — and it starts with the nutritional plan you prepare for them.

These are different ways to strengthen your kid’s teeth and look after their oral health.

Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Of all the types of food that your kids can eat, fruit and veggies are the best of the lot. Most of these, such as cucumbers, pears, and melons, do not only have high water content. The crunching action when eating them may clean and strengthen teeth. However, you need to limit the intake of bananas and raisins since they tend to have a high amount of sugar.

Avoid Sugary, Starchy Food

Speaking of sugar, avoid too much sweets, such as dried fruit, cookies, jelly beans, chewy caramels, and raisins. They stick to teeth and are not easy to wash away, even with thorough brushing. As such, they may result in tooth decay. As an alternative, you may look for sugar-free, unsweetened snacks and make sure that your kids brush their teeth immediately after eating them.

Water, Not Juice or Soda

Soda and juices have very high sugar content, so always pick water above any other drink. Get your kid into the habit of drinking water when they eat. It washes away specks of food stuck on the teeth, which, in turn, avoids tooth decay. Besides, it is a general recommendation for overall hydration and good health.

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These nutritional tips contribute to your kid’s dental health. Incorporate them into your kid’s nutritional plan and ask your local dentist for more nutrition tips and oral hygiene advice.

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