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Safety in Forestry: Minimise the Hazards at Logging Worksites

Logging in Australia You cannot deny the hazards of logging work. It pays to follow safety procedures to minimise, if not completely prevent, accidents from happening in the workplace. Strength and skills are important when working in the logging industry, but quick thinking counts, too.

Here are a few pointers to stay safe in the logging industry:

Pay Attention to Training

It starts with knowing the job – what and how to do it efficiently. Logging is physically demanding even for those who have been working in the industry for a long time. It is best to get the necessary training before starting out.

While chainsaw hire Perth services can be beneficial in cutting logs into chunks, injuries may happen when a worker does not how to operate the tool. As such, it is important to know the equipment and procedures for a smoother, safer operation.

There are safety practices in the work areas and procedures that companies must follow to avoid injuries, accidents and delays. It is both the responsibility of the employer and the employee to provide and get adequate training before embarking on any task relating to logging and hauling operations.

Proper Form and Warm-Ups

In logging operations, companies have equipment and tools to handle the tasks. Nonetheless, doing manual work to guide and help in the actual hauling and loading requires physical strength. Proper form is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries.

Warming up the muscles by stretching before throwing cords over loads is necessary. Bending the knees and using leg muscles to reduce stress on joints are also important. Proper distance from the truck is another consideration when throwing logs to avoid overstressing the shoulder joints.

Clear Communication

Communication is important between loading operators and drivers. Both must be aware of the procedures and must understand how to go about their work. Communication signals must be clear and consistent to avoid errors due to misreading. Use radios to ensure forestry work is going smoothly.

Accidents may happen, but this does not mean you cannot prevent them. Implement proper work practices to minimise risks and ensure the safety of everyone in your logging operations.

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