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Reflexology: Relief Through Pressure Points

Foot massageProponents of reflexology believe that applying pressure to certain areas of the feet, hands, face and ears may be beneficial to the body. It may, for example, bring about the relief of stress.

Effect of Reflexology on the Body

The effects of reflexology may not be limited to stress-relief, however, as there is a widely held theory that the ‘pressure points’ on one’s feet, hands, face and ears are connected to the different organs of the body. Use of reflexology is not limited to individuals called reflexologists; practitioners in related fields may use reflexology, as well. Some of them are chiropractors, whilst some are physical therapists. Many massage therapists also apply what they have learned in reflexology training courses.

The Foot Chart

Practitioners of reflexology typically refer to a foot chart showing the pressure points and where they are connected to the rest of the body. By applying pressure to these points, the connected organ is believed to experience some benefits. There are also specific pressure points for providing the patient or client with relaxation and stress-relief.

Some of the Benefits of Reflexology

There are studies that support the theories behind reflexology. People experiencing pain may get some relief with the application of reflexology. It may also address some psychological symptoms, including anxiety, difficulty sleeping and depression. There are also cancer patients who may experience some improvements when reflexology is added to their palliative care.

Why Reflexology is a Preferred Treatment

Reflexology has many devotees. It is a preferred treatment especially for relieving stress and achieving relaxation, as it is non-intrusive and typically comfortable.

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A practitioner is likely to ask for the patient or client’s medical history. They may recommend a plan for treatment, particularly if reflexology is being used to complement health therapy. It is a great treatment for those who are too shy to remove anything more than their shoes and socks. Medical histories and treatments are also treated with respect and privacy when the client goes to a professional.

Look for a reputable reflexology professional in your area if you would like to receive treatment. If you are interested in becoming a practitioner yourself, you can find courses online that can provide the training you need.

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