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Putting Up Your Personal Art Print Sales

Art PrintOne of the most successful ways artists can spread their influence is through their art prints. An even more effective way is by incorporating top quality services with excellent customer relations. Here are a few promotional strategies you can use to effectively market your art prints.

Minimum Number of Purchases 

The number of minimum pieces is entirely up to you. However, do take note that the distance of deliveries may change the shipping rates. If your shipping cost will be more than the art piece itself, you might not get much profit out of it. TWFINEART suggests encouraging them to buy many limited art prints so they can get bigger discounts and lower prices

Thank You Letter 

It’s always nice to personalize your deliveries. No need for long, elaborate letters. Just a simple thank you note will usually suffice. If you’re selling to a long time patron or during special events like birthdays or holidays, a small memorable gift or freebie will give you plus points.

Choose Your Delivery Provider 

Not all parcel and delivery companies are created equal. Some are more efficient with local deliveries. Others are more reputed for the safety of their cargo. Others are great for sending packages in the shortest time possible. Choose one with an overall positive rating by their clients, prices and services.

Mode of Payment

An artist who allows payment options for the community will get more buyers to take notice. Payments through banks, credit card, debit card and/or gift certificate are some possible choices. Consider down payment options and opening online accounts for faster payment mediums.

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The truth is, you won’t always find perfect business services at your first try. Some things need to be tried and tested before knowing what works and what doesn’t. If you’re not so certain of how effective your offers, couriers, and payment plans are, try it out with friends who are willing to support your project through purchasing pieces from you.


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