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Out with the Old: It’s Time to Replace Amalgam Fillings with Composite Ones

Dental TreatmentPeople once touted silver as a highly durable material. Indeed, it is strong, corrosion-free and stainless. It is the reason dentists before use amalgam to fill in holes in the teeth. But as time passes by and with the development of different things, many believe that silver fillings are not as advisable in the modern era.

The practitioners from Church Road Dental & Cosmetics mention that amalgam ‘can be unsightly and can also discolour the tooth’ and it can ‘be quite prominent when (you) smile, laugh or speak.’ These are two of the main reasons most patients prefer the new type of dental fillings –composite (white) fillings.

Threat to Your Oral Health

Although there has yet to be a study that confirms how silver fillings put one’s teeth at risk, many fear that it can cause mercury leeching. Dentists dismiss this belief, but agree that people should avoid getting silver fillings because of the many problems practitioners see occurring underneath the fillings.

Silver materials appear opaque in X-rays, hindering the dentists from inspecting your teeth thoroughly and spotting cavities. The only time dentists can notice the decay is when it has already worsened.

Obstruction of Clear View

Research shows that dentists only see 50% of your teeth’s condition if they do not use X-ray. But if they do, it will just increase to a maximum of 85% (if you have amalgam fillings). This means that about 20% of the cavities are on the practitioner’s blindside as the metal blocks it from view on the X-ray.

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Composite fillings, as per most dentists, are more patient-friendly. Unlike amalgam, it is not a factor in teeth cracking. Research shows that people who got silver fillings tend to have teeth cracks when they reach 40 to 50 years old. Unfortunately, premature cracks do not appear on X-rays, either.

Most of the time changing fillings from amalgam to composite is on a case-to-case basis. The replacement process takes a lot of time and people usually just undergo the procedure when they are already experiencing problems.

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