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One Small Step for Man – One Giant Leap for Wristbands

Silicone WristbandIn the age of technological advancement, it’s no surprise that even the most mundane object finds a way to digitise and recreate itself. In this case, the silicone bracelet you wore to a rave last month – wristbands.

Wristbands are capable of anything nowadays. From tracking your exercise to telling you when to stop drinking – they’d surprise you with the things they can do. It is all thanks to digital evolution and mankind’s knack for innovation. Wristbands have gone far and beyond their purpose of spreading the message. Today, they are wearable technologies that make life brighter, easier, safer – and so much more awesome.

Take a look at some of these innovations:

Blood alcohol content tracker

Sometime ago, a person said, ‘Imagine a wristband that can tell you it’s time to stop drinking.’ And then bam – they made it happen. This handy device monitors your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on the ethanol molecules coming out of your skin. This helps partygoers measure their level of intoxication accurately by taking the guesswork out of the equation and providing actual numbers in real time. The result: enhanced road safety and fewer DUIs.

UV tracker

From saving drunken lads at parties, we go to saving people sunbathing at the beach. This new Swedish technology tells sunbathers when UV levels from the sun are becoming harmful by changing its colour. It works with the help of a chemical agent that detects UV light and a dye that reacts to pH levels in the indicators, shifting from yellow to pink as you get more UV exposure. The disposable paper wristband will vary depending on your skin type and tolerance level to the sun. For instance, a band for a person with light complexion will shift colour quicker than a band for a person with darker skin. The result: fewer instances of sunburn and better defence against skin cancer.

Fitness TrackerFitness tracker

The mantra today is ‘live smart’. As tech companies would agree, this applies to your fitness routine and the technology you use to enhance it. In this case, smart wristbands. These wearable devices have built-in sensors to track your resting heart rate and automatically sync data of your exercise with your smartphone to monitor your regimen and overall health routine. The result: streamlined and accurate tracking of your active lifestyle.

Going back to the basics

Amidst these scientific leaps, wristbands have had a long history of fulfilling one purpose that lives on today: bringing attention. It gets the word out to the public on behalf of company owners, event promoters and fundraisers everywhere.

From promoting businesses to raising awareness about cancer, these silicone bracelets have enriched brands, organisations, and the lives that have come upon them. To event promoters, they’re extremely useful because they’re handy and accessible, something that event goers wouldn’t think twice of wearing. To businesses, their benefit comes from their advertising value. They’re more low-cost than most promotional products, making them easy to distribute in large quantities and use to build new relationships.

Whether in their traditional or digitised form, wristbands will always remain powerful and relevant. At the least, they will stay where they should be: on people’s wrists.

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