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On Getting Dental Implants: Is Your Mouth Implant-Ready?

Dental Implant SurgeryMore people are enjoying the benefits of modern dental treatment options, such as implants. If you are thinking about undergoing an implant surgery, you must prepare everything, including your mouth. An initial assessment is important to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment.

Discover the factors that could affect your decision and find out how you should prepare for the procedure.

Jaw Bone

There must have adequate bone to support the implant, which will serve as the foundation for the replacement tooth. You may need to undergo bone grafting if there is not enough jawbone in your mouth. A sinus lift may likewise be necessary if the space between the sinuses and the jaw is not enough or if there is insufficient bone height in the upper jaw.

Dental and General Health

Your dentist will tell you that you must have a reasonable general health condition to qualify for a dental implant surgery. Monkmoor Dental Practice, for example, recommends patients in Shrewsbury to undergo a thorough oral and general health assessment during their initial consultation to determine if the treatment is right for them.

Food Options

Prepare for a sudden change in your diet, as you are about to stick to soft foods during the first few days following the surgery. You may gradually eat harder foods as the wound starts to heal. You must be ready and willing to give up those crunchy and chewy snacks temporarily. Ask your dentist about the best type of food to eat after the surgery and throughout the entire treatment period, which could last for more than eight months.

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After Care

Following the instructions of your dentist is key to a successful recovery. You must maintain good oral hygiene to keep the implant site clean and free from infections. Use the prescribed mouthwash and other medications as directed to promote faster healing and minimise pain in the treatment area.

Good preparation is necessary to achieve the results you want. Make an appointment with your implant dentist to find out what else you can do before the surgery.

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