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No Diet and Food Restrictions with Dental Implants

single tooth implantMissing teeth can negatively affect your diet by taking your ability to enjoy a variety of foods. When you don’t have a complete set of strong teeth, you might find it difficult to chew certain foods, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. You may able to fill in the gaps with dentures, but eating with them can be a hassle, as you need to eat soft foods, cut them into bite-sized pieces, and chew slowly.

The good news is permanent solutions like dental implants can offer a stable replacement if you have missing teeth. They have an artificial tooth root that integrates with your jawbone, eventually becoming a part of your mouth. This will not only allow you to enjoy a natural-looking replacement but also strong teeth, with a bite force the same as your real teeth.

Many of those who have chosen dental implants claim that they can eat all their favorite foods again. Implant dentists in Northbrook note that these stable replacement solutions.

Here are some other benefits such as:

  • Enjoy life and activities without worrying about teeth
  • Retain natural shape of your face and smile
  • Preserve and protect healthy bone
  • Keep teeth where they belong (not in cup or glass-like removable dentures)
  • Bite directly into foods and enjoy better diet
  • Have replacement teeth that won’t shift, click, or move

Tooth loss doesn’t have to take your ability to chew and eat the foods you love. A dental implant treatment will enable to bite into an apple, eat corn on the cob, and all your favorite foods without worrying about your artificial teeth. The best part is implant-restored crowns don’t get cavities. Brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist are still important to keep your teeth for a lifetime.

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If you’re struggling with missing teeth or wearing conventional dentures, you might want to consider implant for a stable and strong replacement option. Anyone with good oral and overall health is a good candidate for implants. A dentist consultation will let you know if you eligible, as well as discuss with you the things you can expect from the procedure.

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