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Newbie Cyclist? Here’s What You Need to Know

Bike Stores in Brisbane for Newbie CyclistYou know that cycling is good for your health and is your greener option for transportation. Thanks to the boom in the cycling industry, you now have plenty of options. This makes it easier to find a great bicycle that suits you best.

Before you shell out money on a new bike, it is important to be acquainted with the basics of buying. Here is what you need to know when you head over to bike stores in Brisbane:

What your goals tell you which type of bike to get.

As expert cyclists point out, setting your goals makes it easier for you and the store personnel to figure out the right type of bicycle for you. You can choose from three primary types of bikes: road bikes (for paved-street riding), hybrid bikes (road and mountain bike crossover), and mountain bikes (for rugged-trail rides and the more adventurous rider).

Price almost always dictates quality.

Like everything else, price is almost always a way to tell right away whether a bike is of good quality or not. Although this does not mean you should spend thousands of dollars just to get a great bike, you should be aware of those that are priced too low, or has a “too good to be true” vibe. In most cases, these bikes are made from low quality materials, which do not only make them less durable, but also a safety hazard.

Local is the best place to start when choosing a bicycle store.

Brisbane is a bike-friendly city, so you will not have a hard time finding bicycle shops. Choose one of the highly reliable stores, as being local provides you the chance to check out the establishment itself. Moreover, this makes it easier for you to pay them a visit for accessories, parts, service, and some cycling advice.

With these pointers, it will be easier to find the right bicycle and start your cycling habit.

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