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Metal Mouth No More: Your Life After Braces

 After BracesThe wait is over and all your hardships have paid off. No more coming back to your dentist for painful readjustments that take days to go away. There will no longer be discomfort from the sores around your mouth due to protruding brackets and wires. All the sacrifices you made and the food you stopped yourself from eating may now be back in your menu. Most of all, you will be living life with straight teeth.

It is not over yet

If you think everything will be okay from now on, think again. You might already have a beautiful set of teeth, but this does not mean you have to slack off on taking care of them. You still need to be proactive in keeping your new teeth the way they are from now on. Your orthodontist will set you up for dental equipment you will be wearing for another six months. These are called retainers. Your teeth and gums are still tender from the procedure so they might revert to their usual position. What your retainer does is allow it to adjust to its new position without the help of permanent braces.

Dealing with impatience

According to, wearing braces in Northern Ireland may have garnered you the nickname metal mouth. You may still carry that name with retainers, but always remember you can take it off anytime.

It will take a few more months to have straight teeth without any assistance of dental equipment. While on the next phase after braces, you will need to keep your retainers clean as well. Unlike braces, you can simply remove it and brush the equipment easily.

Going through orthodontic procedures is never easy. You may be itching to be free of dental equipment, but you still have to follow your dentist’s orders if you want to keep your straight teeth for a long time.

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